Our Favourite Irish Films

In honour of our national holiday, with thought it only right that we pay tribute to some of our favourite Irish films. Irish film has had one hell of a renaissance of sorts in recent years, so the favourite classics of The Snapper, The Commitments and Intermission are quickly being replaced (though they’ll never really be forgotten).

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Some things you may have missed at the Oscars this year...

Needless to say, as seems to be the running theme of 2017 so far, the Oscars was loud this year. Filled with political statements big and small, gargantuan mess-ups, which are leading some to believe that we are definitely living within a Matrix situation that’s glitching out, and extra bits which were obvious and pathetic attempts to go viral... with some success.

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3 reasons you should see The Edge of Seventeen

In “The Edge of Seventeen”, Nadine is an angry, confused, and intelligent American teenager trying to fit in a world that rejects her. Or so she thinks. On one hand, her friendship with Krista, Nadine’s BFF since pre-school, is threatened when she starts dating Darian, Nadine’s much hated brother. On the other, Nadine’s love interest seems way out of her league due to her personal issues with sex, disenchantment, and her own identity. In top of it all, a tragedy involving her family seems to doom it all. Is there any hope for Nadine?

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