By Ellie G

I sat down on my couch, turned up the speakers and prepared to watch the kickstarter-funded premiere of ‘Kung Fury’ this weekend. I say at home because the 30-minute action-packed film is available to view for free via YouTube. Having had it’s debut at Cannes last week; the film managed to make it into production as the project received £412,000 by 17,000 adoring fans.

Created by none other than the graciously named LaserUnicorns production team; ‘Kung Fury’ is everything you could ask for from a 80’s cop throwback thrillride. Directed and starring Swedish visual arts genius David Sandberg and including a host of characters such as Vikings, Dinosaurs and Nazi’s- and of course kung fu and action! action! ‘Kung Fury’ sends you down a spiraling nostalgia trip and of course, it’s bloody hilarious. In many ways you find yourself not only laughing at the satirical take on 80’s cop-genre but also realising why you loved those films so damn much in the first place.

Oh and I have to mention David Hasselhoff’s contribution; the fantastic video and 80’s power-track ‘True Survivor.’ If you haven’t seen it- here– do yourself a favour and remedy that situation asap!

It’s only 30 minutes long, so let’s stop chatting about this sci-fi-adventure-comedy. Just watch it. You won’t regret it – ‘Kung Fury’ Offical Movie.