by C Downes

The heatwaves are coming and going, but there’s no denying it’s still warm out there! Warm enough to grab a gang of friends and savour the experience of outdoor cinema. The sun is glistening (sometimes!) off wine glasses, birds are chirping, people are looking more attractive, but as your workday drags alone, you gaze out into the outdoors and wonder “who are all those people out there enjoying this summer day, why don’t they have to work in an office like me”? So don’t miss out, when you can slip out of that work suit in your bathroom toilet and slink away in your boardies and flip-flops to one of London’s wonderful outdoor cinema experiences.

It’s all happening right now, this month, these days – get into it, it’ll top off your day like you won’t believe and leave your relaxing into slumber later that night with the satisfying feeling you did something good with your day.

Here’s our top suggestions of where and how to enjoy this titbit of magic in London city and surrounds.

LUNA CINEMA – Hailed as having some of the “most picturesque venues of outdoor cinema”, the team at Luna have locations all over London and beyond. Our top pick is the Grand Budapest Hotel at Kew Gardens on 22nd July, surrounded by botanical delights, it doesn’t get prettier than this!

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WE PRESS PLAY – As they put it, they press play, and you sit back, put the feet up and enjoy a flick as the stars settle in for the night. They are all about unique, hidden spaces and our top pick for them is the classic Withnail & I @ Broadway House in Fulham on 26th July.
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POP UP SCREENS – These guys are all about giving you a bit of a festival atmosphere, while at the movies. They’ve a great schedule of summer classic, but our fav features David Bowie in Labyrinth on 24th July – mainly cos we love his music, we are telling you to hit that one up! It’s on in Greenwich near the O2.

PILLOW CINEMA – These guys love a beanbag, and we love them for it! In winter, we curve our body shape into one of those babies indoor, in summer they take us outdoors. This summer season, they have settled on a rooftop near Hoxton. Check it out a summary (500) Days of Summer on 26th July.

HITCHCOCK’S HOME – okay, so we’re throwing in a total curveball here. Maybe not for everyone, but this is certainly an experience to behold – love Hitchcock, ever try watching his movies in a graveyard? Scared!? Face your fear, head up to Leytonstone (Hitchcock’s birthplace) to the graveyard at St. John’s Church. It might be a trek for you, but for something new, weird and wonderful, it’s worth it. The Man who Knew Too Much is tonight and The Lady Vanishes tomorrow, Saturday 18th July. Here’s a pretty sunny picture of the church to make it seem less spooky 😉

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