By Ellie G

What makes a film a classic? Well, most would say a classic is cross-generational and timeless. It offers something new and exciting. It’s cinematography is awe-inspiring. It has unique ways of exploring and blending themes. And most importantly, it entertains. So over the last 15 years are there any films which meet these high criterion, here’s a few of them:

O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000)
Probably already viewed in most eyes as a classic it’s hard to believe ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?‘ came out in 2000; it’s seems to have been around a lot longer. The Coen Brother’s film offers something different for audiences it’s zanie and refuses to take itself seriously. The story and scripting is wonderful (‘I’m a Dapper Dan Man!’). And it stays with you. The films has great performances by Clooney, Turturro, Nelson and may not be the most serious Coen brother’s movie but for me is the most classic.


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)
Maybe not a classic in the Citizen Kane, Casablanca sense of the word but in a Star Wars sense? Most definitely. The LoTR trilogy proved that it would reach much-watch fantasy classic status as soon as a generation born after it’s creation set about watching it. The stunning cinematography, excellent casting and wonderful narrative will no doubt enrapture audiences for years to come. Let’s just hope they don’t think about doing a re-make anytime soon.


Wall-E (2008)
Yes, Finding Nemo, Up and many other Pixar movies will reach Disney classic heights but personally, for me the best is Wall.E. Wall.E appeals to all audiences, is remarkably original and clever. It’s a children’s animation which questions our existence and purpose on Earth for god-sake. The animation is beautiful and the characters done wonderfully. It takes the emotional playfield to another level. It doesn’t just make you feel happy or sad. It makes you empathetic, curious, and questioning. The other Pixar films will remain must-watches but for me Wall.E meets the classic criteria 100%.


The Ring (2002) or Ringu (1998)
Depending on which one you prefer, this is probably the only horror I can think of in the last 15 or so years that will reach the standing of Candyman, The Evil Dead, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre etc etc. Of course, over the last decade or so most horrors on our cinema screens are remakes rather than originals. This is what makes ‘The Ring’ so unique. It tells a story about a reporter who is desperately trying to work out the mystery of a cursed videotape before her time of 7 days runs out. Original, gripping, intense and terrifying. As well as entertaining. ‘The Ring’ has everything to deem it a classic horror movie.


There Will Be Blood (2007)
‘There Will be Blood’ will definitely remain an ageless classic. It blew my teenage mind-box when it was released. Daniel Day Lewis’s performance is one of the best of all time, the scripting is descriptive and intense, the themes are thoroughly explored, the cinematography is astonishing, and it truly feels like an actual epic. Paul Thomas Andersen oil spectacular is a thoroughly American masterpiece.


What do you think will be the future classic films from our generation? Feel free to comment below.