by Ellis Martin

A plush, Art Deco cinema theatre sitting on the end-corner of Dalston, Hackney high street and doesn’t it know it! The Rio has just one theatre and oooh isn’t it nice! Established as a picture house in 1909 under the name of Kingsland Palace, it has a screen hugged with red velvet curtains, sweeping deco curves, dim orange lights and toilets located beside the screen. With built in bins, popcorn pokes with folded lids (ah!) and queuing atmospheric music, you’re in for a treat. All it takes are these little things that make it a building to remember and differ greatly from the franchised cinemas; you can just imagine all the glamourous gals and pals dressed up back in the day, waiting eagerly for the latest blockbuster.

Down the road, around the corners and up the alleys, you will find plenty of 98p shops – from personal experiences, you will most likely spend ages justifying if you really need a multipack of vanilla-cinnamon fragrant bin fresheners (always worth it) – and in particular, just off the high street there are two great shops, the first a sweet vintage shop called Mero Retro with genuine vintage and genuine customers and the second, Fee Fee La Fou a circus themed concept boutique selling teddy-bear chandeliers, build your own animals and array of colourful artwork all there for you to poke around in draws and desks like a nosey neighbour.

Of course, there is the infamous Dalston Market which is an excursion itself, you are sure to find something to please you on your walk down. Selling an abundance of thingy-ma-jigs and lots of fresh fruit, veg, meats and fish, fish, fish, fish! I actually had a very memorable moment walking through the market some time ago; I encountered a smartly dressed ‘city’ type get soaked through to his toots as the wind, after a seriously rainy day, lifted the tarpaulin covering a market stall up and over onto his angry bald head. It was a real ‘O-M-G’ moment. Dalston has every high street necessity, a chain coffee shop, a New Look and a shopping centre, but it also houses many independent shops, eateries and bars so you have plenty to do and choose from after your cinema screening.

Rio offers you £8.00 non-allocated seats for matinee cinema viewings and £11.00 for evening (after 5pm) and weekend viewings with allocated seating, as well as a Cheap Movie Monday deal for £6.00 tickets. Rio hosts festivals and events, with a stage big enough for hire purposes, such as theatre, talks and cabaret! So if you and the rest of the Florence Noire Sashay Showgirls have been searching for your new cabaret spot, look no further! Dazzling Dalston offers you a great audience with a great location.

So grab your favourite boa and book an evening ticket in the upper circle or alternatively, if your boa’s at the dry cleaners, again, propose a trip to the cinema to your group of friends and enjoy an evening of laughs, cries, suspense at the fanciful Rio Cinema.


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