by Ellis M

It’s hard enough to make a film, fund a film, direct, write and even watch (certain) films, let alone create one of the most important sentences that could potentially be said for years to come by teenagers trying to impress on a first date.

Taglines are small, quick witted and incredibly important. Think you know film? Let’s see you fail miserably with usheru’s best loved taglines…

Click on the taglines for answers and comment your answers below, but don’t be a peter peter pumpkin eater! (cheater).

  1. Her Life was in their hands. Now her toe is in the mail.
  2. His story will touch you, even though he can’t. Hint: Scissors
  3. Be afraid, be very afraid. Hint: Horror, 1980s
  4. Reality is a thing of the past. Hint: Are we just plugged in?
  5. If Nancy doesn’t wake up screaming, she doesn’t wake up at all. Hint: No friend of the fire
  6. The list is life. Hint: No Hint
  7. You’ll laugh. You’ll Cry. You’ll Hurl. Hint: Party Time
  8. Check in. Unpack. Relax. Take a shower. Hint: If you don’t get this you need to think about your life
  9. Escape or die frying. Hint: Chicken and early 2000’s
  10. On every street in every city, there’s a nobody who dreams of being a somebody. Hint: Features a DIY gun holster (?)
  11. When he said I do, he never said what he did. Hint: This always makes me laugh, 90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  12. He was dead… but he got better. Hint: Action, a dad favourite, 2009
  13. Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven. Hint: No hints for this one.
  14. Unwittingly he trained a dolphin to kill the President of the United States. Hint: Lame film about dolphins
  15. A different set of Jaws. Hint: Musical
  16. The greatest fairy tale never told. Hint: Green, animation
  17. Welcome to the suck. Hint: Jake Gyllenhaal
  18. Gaiety! Glory! Glamour! Hint: 1939 musical
  19. Pathetic Earthlings… Who can save you now? Hint: 80’s superhero
  20. He is afraid. He is alone. He is here million light years from home. Hint: No hint!