by Ellis M

Not just your average best costumes or best wardrobe, we have put together several of our favourite moments in film where wardrobe suddenly changed, or wardrobe became different or unexpected. The wardrobe moments that do not get enough attention, yet are very important to the character or what’s happening. Wardrobes and costumes that seem to touch our hearts and instantly think of from the moment we ask ‘What’s your favourite unexpected wardrobe scene or costume change?’ a difficult question to answer, nevertheless this is what we got…

Ghost World (2001) – Enid’s fluffy headband, leopard print skirt and blocky army boots walking into that sex shop with an awkward Seymour- everything comes together in this one moment. Note: Enid’s hair dyed green is also a really great moment.


Dressed to Kill (1980) – When Michael Caine kills the nurse and takes her uniform in the insane asylum scene, whilst a gleeful crowd watches over and a grand score of suspense plays throughout the moment she innocently goes about her nightly tasks, to the moment she is dead and having her clothes removed.


Trading Places (1983) – What the real Father Christmas probably actually looks like after keeping up with our high Christmas demands of atmosphere enhancing light bulbs and moleskin, gold leaf initial embroidered diaries – Dan Aykroyd as a down and out Santy Clause.


The Dark Knight (2008) – The Joker reveals himself as a rather convincing lady nurse… but with that face- it’s what nightmares are made of!


The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) – We love the bit where the aboriginal becomes part of the drag performance, but please stop the didgeridoo, it’s incredibly annoying and shouldn’t be mixed with Gloria Steinem.


The Fifth Element (1997) – Milla Jovovich taped up with sun orange hair is one of the oddest wardrobe moments.


Escape from New York (1981) – What a heartbreaker! Kurt you mysterious, misunderstood hero, you! A badass costume and not forgetting that rock n roll eyepatch and those breathable, flexible leggings his got going on- fighting in comfort, my kinda style!


Braveheart (1995) – It has been said that this wardrobe is inaccurate, e.g.  The Scots wearing kilts in the 13th Century, didn’t actually become popular till the 17th century and the English soldiers wearing uniforms, at this time soldiers would pretty much wear whatever they could get their hands on as they were broke as hell. But Mel works a beautifully blue face with flowing brown curly locks and an inaccurately placed kilt.


Some Like it Hot (1959) – Yah, yah, Marilyn looks dazzling, shiny, a true damsel in distress, yadda, yadda, yadda, but what we like here is Joe and Jerry’s perfectly fitted wardrobe, well accessorized and complimentary of each bodies bests assets, so convincing they have men falling all over the place!



If you’ve got anymore, let us know and we will add them in!