Swimming pools! We know them as the place you learnt to swim, or nearly drowned. A place to be free and pee, a place you can have lots of fun whilst burning calories and a place to get plummeted by the fat kid on the step above you a Saturday afternoon ‘Fun Swim’. To movie stars, swimming pools mean drugs, tragic torture and chipper singing. Here’s our list…

Sinister (2012) – Springs straight to mind when I think about swimming pool scenes, not that I’ve actually watched the whole of this scene without the aid of a blanket or food covering my eyes. (Darn you lot, for making me watch this clip more times than I ever want to just to give you ease of access!)


Boogie Nights (1997) – Lot’s going on poolside, drugs, girls, swimming but the best moment is ‘the cowboy look ended about six years ago’ discussion. You know, you try and give sound advice and you just get knocked back ‘What’s your look?’ ‘Chocolate Love!’  Can’t you seeeeee that’s quite obviously chocolate love!?

boogie nights

Cat People (1942) – A horror film about a young woman who descends from a race of people that can turn into cats when sexually aroused… I know, I know, it explains everything! But this is a good swimming pool scene, a classic ‘Don’t go down there alone!’moment.


The Graduate (1967) – When Ben turns twenty one, there’s nothing better to do on your birthday than to dress in full scuba diving gear and do something you don’t want to do, yet again Ben is constricted and dictated by his over bearing parents. Poor, Benji.


Sunset Boulevard (1950) – An Anti-Hollywood classic that was never supposed to be a classic. It’s the opening scene, and we have a great swimming pool moment – A nobody, a movie writer with a couple of B pictures to his credit, paid a high price for his ambitions.


Viva Las Vegas (1964) – Elvis Presley serenading you whilst you look fabulous around the pool, a pool that looks perfectly populated, not a towel reserving a sun bed or a wasp in sight.


Hail, Ceaser! (2016) – The latest addition to swimming pool scenes and it’s the prettiest, synchronised swimming, dazzling tiaras and a show-stopping Scarlett Johansson plunging out of the water.


Submarine (2011) – When you are trying to feel your emotions the best you can and jump into a swimming pool fully clothed to show how serious you are about being emotional. Poor kid.


Harold and Maude (1971) – How many times did you fake being dead to get the attention of your siblings or parents and most recently, dog or cat? Harold is annoyingly predictable, so much so, that his own mumma doesn’t give a shite anymore and continues her blissfully relaxing swim around the body of her ‘dying’ son.


Rushmore (1999) – Bill Murray doing his thing around a swimming pool, money can’t buy happiness and that’s a waste of the chickens time, throwing all them eggs! Tut!



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