By Ellis M

We are fast approaching Father’s Day and if you’re like any of us in the office then you’re scouring Amazon electronics deals, sorting through experience days, taking a moment to check your bank account, re-evaluating your life choices ‘why did I buy baby monkey riding on a pig phone case? I need this money for daddio, scrap experience days… maybe some chocolate and wine?’ Whatever the weather, you can’t go wrong with a film. Whether it’s a trip to the cinema to see a blockbuster, theatre for something quirky or dare we say it, a DVD, we’ve got you a list of certified dad films. We did the research on our own dads, so no judgement please, these are our dads you’re talking about, we didn’t pick them or their film taste.


If your dad is like mine; grew up in every east end town of 1960’s London, bathed in puddles, ran riot and smeared jam on his younger brothers friends and tied them up for the ants to feast, then he may enjoy a selection of films such as:


The Bourne Ultimatum (2007-2012 and soon to be 2017) A cracking example of an action packed, dangerous dad favourite. With gripping suspense, troublesome music and an international quest to uncover your true identity, it’s what every young, mischievous and energy charged kid dreamt of being growing up, and dads all around the world get to live it through the eyes of Matt Damon.


The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) set in the fictional world of middle-earth… Why am I even bothering to give you a description, everyone’s seen it and most dads have read it. Published originally in 1954 by J.R.R Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings was, and still is, a sensation that delights the minds of many, including my dad, who still has the book he acquired at 14, pages yellow, spine flimsy and completely dog-eared – a sure sign of a well loved story.


Zulu (1964) My dad insists that he went to Rio Cinema in Dalston, East London to see Zulu when it was first released, but that would have made him five years old… were cinemas really that chilled out with film certificates back then? I think he just watched it on a re-release years later (but don’t correct him on that, he likes to think he saw it on first release). Zulu depicts the Battle of Rorke’s Drift between the British Army and the Zulus in 1879 and presents a very young Michael Caine in his first major film role.


But then again my dad also loves ‘Crocodile’ Dundee (1986) so can we trust his judgement?



Gill’s dad grew up in Northern Ireland during the height of the troubles, so it would take a hell of a lot to shock him – For dads like Gill’s, we’ve picked Alien (1979) the original slow-burner according with a gruesome shock factor delivered in the chest-bursting scene, the impact it has is what makes Alien a favourite to watch. Note: This is an appropriate film for ten year olds and dads to watch together, so I’ve heard from Gill and her siblings!


Mamma Mia (2008) Not the usual pick for a dad favourite but how could you deny the beautiful landscape of the Greek island and Pierce Brosnan singing? A heart felt film that brings dads together in a quest to discover the truth about a 70s summer loving. This is a film that can genuinely be enjoyed by the whole family, no shock-factor, just feel good times and songs we all know the words to and for Pati, this is exactly what springs to mind when thinking about her dad.


Next in our list of dad favourite films, much to Cormac’s displeasure, is his dads pick of Gandhi (1982) a biographical historic drama about Mohandas Gandhi, the beloved Indian leader who stood against the British government. An incredibly moving man with a story we should all listen to, maybe this isn’t the greatest film in the world but it’s one we should all watch at some point.


A more recent film (Cormac can breathe now) is The Hateful Eight (2015) every dad loves a good – who we kidding? AND bad- western film, because it’s what they watched growing up! Western films were so popular back in the day, there’s something about cowboys and Indians that seem to just click for young boys so when The Hateful Eight was released it had bought the normally dull and gender specific western genre to life for all ages.


Happy Father’s Day to all the daddio’s out there with great to none taste in film!