What was the deal with 1982? Were you alive? Were you rocking out to the sweet sounds of punk, dying and styling your hair to every trend that it started to fall out? It was the year of one of the biggest films still to date, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was released December 9th 1982. Thirty four years later and we’re still obsessed, introducing it to a new generation of kids and teens, but what else was happening at the time?…

What were we singing? Not exactly released in 1982 but this hit continued to pulse throughout the world at number 1 on the billboard list ‘Physical’ by Olivia Newton-John. One down on the billboard chart was ‘Survivor’ by Eye of the Tiger. Here we have a classic example of the pop culture mix we experienced in the 80s with the familiar sound of electronic pop and American rock. Just a month before the release of E.T we were blessed with the well-received ‘Thriller’ album by Michael Jackson which had people moonwalking to theatres.


What did we watch? Alongside E.T, we watched Poltergeist and forever repeated the words ‘They’re here!’ Initially friendly and playful spirits that turn menacing and require parapsychologists and even an exorcism, but it was okay because we’d been prepared nine years before with The Exorcist, we knew what to expect… but that didn’t make it any less scary!


What did we read? The third novel by Douglas Adams was released ‘Life, the universe and Everything (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,)’. In the British publication the word ‘fuck’ was replaced with ‘Belgium’ ‘Asshole’ with ‘Kneebiter’ and ‘Shit’ with ‘Swut’..


Other stuffs that happened – Queenie opened the Barbican Centre in London, The Falkland War begins 2nd April as Argentina invades the Falkland islands and The Smiths form in Manchester. We played with My Little Pony, Masters of the Universe, Cabbage Patch dolls and played on those ridiculously hard to use Pogo balls – remember them? The most frustrating toy created, if you couldn’t balance on it, it was completely, completely useless! Words like ‘bitchin’ and ‘no way’ became very popular amongst the younger folk, much like ‘literally’ and ‘genuinely’ are used today and Time Magazine named ‘The Computer’ as Man of the year, so this was the beautiful beginning of the computer consuming and exciting the lives of everyone.


We lost the comedic actor, John Belushi 1949-1982, best known in NBC’s Saturday Night Live, National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) as Bluto and The Blues Brothers (1980) as Joliet and Grace Kelly (1929-1982) left this world after dying tragically from a brain haemorrhaged brought on by a car crash, after dismissing her chueffur, Kelly and her daughter set for the windy roads of Monaco, not far from ‘To Catch a Thief’ was filmed. But we gained Kirsten Dunst and Anne Hathaway! – What would I have done without The Princess Diaries (2001) and Bring it on (2000) I do NOT know – crucial films for me growing up.