Following the first of three Presidential debates between Clinton and Trump, as judgement day edges ever closer, who else is feeling like sticking their head in the sand?

Observing the election from the outside has been something akin to watching a horror movie. You cover your eyes, but can’t resist peeking through your fingers as the liberal future where racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism is removed from the dominant social consciousness we’ve all been working closer towards, is skinned, gutted, chopped into little pieces, and hung up like a trophy.

All the while, you’re screaming at the television as the American public are basically the equivalent to those idiots who run up the stairs when the axe murderer comes into their house. Initially, it seems like a good idea. The axe murderer is downstairs, meaning the axe murderer is not upstairs, ergo: going upstairs seems to be the logical conclusion; forgetting that the axe murderer can also climb stairs and now you have no exit.

Not fully thinking things through: that’s how you get yourself killed, and that’s how you screw over your entire country and potentially the world.

Scratch that. It’s actually ten times worse than watching a horror movie. Because we can’t do anything about it from the outside, but the outcome will actually affect us. In that sense, it’s a little like the zombie apocalypse strand of horror films, and the U.S are about to drop the vile that will release the virus, after playing keepy-uppys with it for the last year and half.

We don’t know about you guys, but excommunicating ourselves and living in the woods doesn’t sound like such a bad idea right now. So here’s a couple of films worth noting if you’re looking for some tips…

Captain Fantastic – It’s not the environment you live in but the one you create
In theory, we all want what Viggo Mortensen’s character made for his family – a personal utopia completely severed from a society that’s dominated by capitalism and broken systems. Although he raises these brilliantly fit and free-thinking intelligent children, he realises that they can’t continue to live their lives separately from the modern world. A gorgeous film, that reminds us that the modern world isn’t *all* bad, once you know how not to be brainwashed by it.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople – A little humour never goes amiss
Sometimes, everything doesn’t come up Milhouse. A foster kid that’s been labelled a ‘real bad egg’, guilty of heinous crimes such as running away, throwing rocks, kicking stuff, and loitering, isn’t actually so bad after all. Ricky’s been through hell with the foster system, and though living out in the woods, on the run from child services with his Foster Uncle seems like the typical story for a tearjerking drama of their hardships, it’s wonderfully refreshing in its humour that’s charged with some emotionally poignant scenes.

Princess Mononoke – Embrace but more importantly, respect nature
Mowgli eat your heart out, because nobody got nothing on San; the forest princess that will make you wish you were raised by wolves. Though this film may not technically be escapist as it is very clear in some harsh realities of life, most significantly, the power of hate and the lengths of human greed. Yet, San’s wonderful relationship with nature and the forest at the centre of the film is enchanting. She is protective of it, but quite notably does not mother it. She simply respects it and doesn’t understand why others don’t. It’s a simple message, but the best ones always are.

The Kings of Summer – Don’t go in blind
Probably the most realistic of the films, where three teenagers in an act of independence, build their own sanctuary and leave their dysfunctional family homes to live off the land. Their desire to escape is infectious and admirable, but soon heads clash and their lack of preparation and knowledge catches up with them. It’s not often you find yourself rooting for seemingly tantrum-throwing teenagers, but in a way you want them to succeed, not for them but for your own inner tantrum-throwing teenager. Because honestly, who doesn’t want to run into the woods and air out their frustrations by banging abandoned pipes and making some tribal music?

So run free, young hearts. We’re not saying you should go live in the woods, but the idea just seems a bit nice right now, doesn’t it?