Prepare to be spoiled. 

This month, there’s over 40 film festivals on across the UK and Ireland. Some big, some small, and quite a few dedicated to the Horror genre (thank you Hallowe’en). I’ve pulled out some highlights, but this month keep an eye out in your area, because there’s definitely some cool film events on nearby, no matter where you are!

Wildscreen Festival
(Oct 10th – 14th, Bristol)

Anybody else fascinated by the nature documentary genre for its cinematic beauty? Well you’re in luck, because Wildscreen is dedicated to exactly that. Plus, the brilliant and admirable David Attenborough who truly defined the genre, and has a special place in all our hearts (you stay away from him 2016!) will be a guest speaker this year. There’s plenty more to choose from in their extensive programme of screenings, workshops and free events! Honestly, we can hardly contain our excitement!

Cambridge Film Festival (Oct 20th – 27th, Cambridge)

An excellently organised festival, Cambridge Film Festival has something for everyone. From silents with live scores, and Ingrid Bergman focus, 5 shorts programmes, as well as collaborations with other festivals to bring you the best Korean, African and family films. Tickets go on sale this Thursday, so don’t miss out! 

Indie Cork (Oct 9th – 16th, Cork) 

A gorgeous festival in Cork that is best known for its eclectic mix of short programmes, as well as showing some of the best Indie cinema Ireland has to offer. With an introduction by the Director for half of the feature films on schedule, as well as some brilliant workshops and discussion panels, Indie Cork is setting up to be a gud’un this year!

Shextreme Film Festival (Oct 20th – 21st, Bristol)

The baddest bitches in the business, Shextreme focuses on and cinematically celebrates women in extreme sports and adventure. They’ll hold a workshop on adventure and extreme sports filmmaking as well as a panel discussion with the best female adventurers on offer including pro-snowboarder Jenny Jones and award-winning journalist and adventure blogger, Sian Lewis. An inspiring festival with some inspiring people, you’ll feel like you can take over the world after this event!

Document: International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Oct 20th-23rd, Glasgow)

You know how we love a festival that makes you think. An amazing festival with a lot of purpose, Document does exactly what it says on the tin: present you with some amazing documentaries concerning human rights issues. Some incredible films on offer this year including The Hard Stop, which might hit a little too close to home for some, the still ever-relevant fascinating think piece Black Is… Black Ain’t, and the utterly shocking A Brilliant Genocide.