So if you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that Hallowe’en can no longer be contained to the one night, but should indeed be anticipated and celebrated in the weeks leading up to it. 

Well, we have good news: A lot of Cinemas and event organisers feel the same way! Not even we realised how much was on until we put it all together, and now we just feel bad, because you’re just going to want to throw your rent money at these events… which we’re definitely not doing…
The annual IFI Horrorthon has become a Hallowe’en staple for any Dublin film buff. It brings you horrors from all strands of the genre from all over the world that you won’t catch anywhere else. Some highlights this year include a double bill of gross out horror with  The Fly and Critters, the brilliantly parodic  Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies, Headshot featuring The Raid‘s (!!!) Iko Uwais (we actually can’t contain our excitement on that one), and the ever surprising, Surprise Film
The Light House has become a real treat with their unique film seasons. As always, doing something a little different from everyone else, their Monsters! Season will include some oldie ‘creature features’ as well as the modern ‘psychological monster’ flicks. Screenings start on October 28th, and will be shown as part of the Bram Stoker Festival (which by the way, has a tonne of other wonderful events like a screening of the original 1931 Dracula with a live score in the National Concert Hall).
Bonus: Grindhouse will also be screening Carrie on October 21st, in case you can’t contain your Hallowe’en excitement!
Time do the time warp again! As always, a special Hallowe’en screening of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show will take over the Sugar Club on October 29th! There’s presale tickets available, but they always ensure that there will be some available on the door. That’s not all though, a special 20th anniversary screening of Scream will show on Friday 28th, plus Popcorn are treating us to a double bill on Sunday 30th with Ghostbusters and  Beetlejuice, cause just why not!
This is more for our die hard horror fans out there. With panel discussions, Q&As, screenings and a seriously slick venue at the Freemasons’ Hall, trust us, you won’t be bored. It takes place on October 30th from 2pm – 2am, and is running as part of the Bram Stoker Festival. We have to say though, the part we’re most excited about (cause we’re dorks and not ashamed to flaunt it) is their midnight screening of the legendary  The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with a live musical accompaniment by Unshaped Form. Seriously. That film, with that venue, with live music, plus the timing… it all just sounds so wonderful…
Tickets are running at 40e a pop for the whole day event, but there are some limited half-price tickets available with the code ‘bramstokerfestival’.
The Retro Drive-In are aiming to satisfy all audiences this Hallowe’en as they have the classics with  Hocus Pocus and Scream, as well as the general life-classics  The Lion King and Dirty Dancing (for all you weirdos who don’t like creepy and scary stuff…).  The screenings are taking place at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm on the 30th and 31st. Definitely an alternative choice and typically American way to spend your Hallowe’en. Kind of sounds like the beginning of a good old-fashioned 90s slasher flick actually…
We know we’re a little early, but we wanted to tell you guys about these events before they sell out, so get on it!