There’s no debate- when a must see movie is released, attending a cinema provides the best viewing experience. Why? Because online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime cannot replicate the cinema’s booming sounds, towering screen, and most importantly, the grandiose anticipation or arriving to a designated space with the sole purpose of losing yourself in film. But unfortunately, attending theatres in this age can feel more nostalgic than routine.

What can cinemas learn from the rapid progress of online streaming services that keeps millennials congregating to their sites?

Here are three things that can help you:

Customer profiles matter

Netflix analyzes viewership patterns, and then tailors movie recommendations to keep the user coming back.


Feedback is important

Public feedback empowers users. It is now routine for millennials to review a rotten tomato rating before viewing a film. Streaming services incorporate public feedback and put it on display.


Building anticipation increases views

Netflix and Amazon Prime advertise upcoming releases, and often times these movies are just old classics users can’t wait to revisit. Getting the word out remains the most important part of making sales.


The good news is that cinemas can easily adopt these features. Companies like usheru provide analytic services that help you compile customer data and then builds profiles so you know who is attending your movies and who is not. We can empower your movie fans to write reviews on your site and to start film conversations. All this helps create the best user experience.


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