Cinema attendance levels may be flattening out in the United States and Europe, but innovative cinema chains are developing methods to keep revenue growing. Unfortunately, in today’s era, simply screening the latest blockbuster is no longer a reliant way to consistently fill theatre seats. More than ever people care about high quality content, and online streaming services like Netflix and HBO Go have massive budgets to hire top-end directors to create must see hits like Game of Thrones and Beasts of No Nation.

So how are the most innovative cinema chains continuing to increase revenue despite a slowdown in attendance? They are providing an elaborate and personalised experience that is more than just a film screening. Cinemas are finding that premium services tailored to customer preferences are essential for increasing sales. These tailored services include high-quality meals, a vast range of cocktail options, cushioned recliners, and a clean and quiet setting.

Here are examples of a couple cinemas making these adjustments. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a United States cinema chain, emphasizes proper etiquette that ensures moviegoers of a relaxed, distraction-free atmosphere. Children under 2 are prohibited from entering the theatres, while those under 18 are required to be ushered in by an adult- unless they pay extra for an “exclusive cinema membership.” With a wide range of meals and movie snacks (including delicious desserts), viewers can summon waiters/waitresses by pressing a dim light on their chair, snacking until the very end.  Meanwhile, AMC recently announced  over 300 of their theatres will be converted to be dine-in- joining the trend of so many other cinemas.

Considering the large commissions cinemas are required to pay back to the movie production companies, theatres have a real opportunity to maximize profits by providing high-end options of food and drinks. Food and drinks currently make up about 50% of cinema revenue, which is why theatres should opt for adopting craft beers and homemade desserts. With average movie ticket prices on the rise, older generations, who are a reliable movie-going demographic, are willing to spend extra for the “premium experience.” 3D, IMAX, gold class, and dine-options are all reasons cinema owners use to justify the rise in ticket prices.

Technology has empowered movie fans all around the world, and the sad truth for the cinema industry is that people are no longer reliant on movie theatres for experiencing high quality content. But the good news is that cinemas can offer an elaborate, relaxing atmosphere where adults can feast on a wide selection of food, down fancy cocktails, and immerse themselves in massive screens and booming sounds- all luxurious qualities that can’t be found in your home living room.

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