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future classics of our generation

By Ellie G What makes a film a classic? Well, most would say a classic is cross-generational and timeless. It offers something new and exciting. It’s cinematography is awe-inspiring. It has unique ways of exploring and blending themes. And most […]

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mission impossible: rogue nation – a new review

By Ellie G Yes, another Mission that is deemed impossible and it’s left to the IMF to crack it. Well, sort of. Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation follows it usual plot. Opening up with an epic stunt by the lunatic that is […]

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amy winehouse – tragic heroines for this generation

Watching the recent documentary film about Amy Winehouse caused me to reflect back on other female singers whose stories had a similar impact on me when translated to the big screen. A few that sprung to my mind and have […]

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our top 3 tinder cinema dates – where to take that virtual stranger?

By Ryan F Cinema dating is losing its appeal. Cooped up in a room filled with noisy eaters, loud whisperers, and that abnormally tall guy whose seat happens to be directly in front of your view. First dates at the […]

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top 5 most interesting london pop-up outdoor cinemas

by C Downes The heatwaves are coming and going, but there’s no denying it’s still warm out there! Warm enough to grab a gang of friends and savour the experience of outdoor cinema. The sun is glistening (sometimes!) off wine […]

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presence, protests and proclamations- sir ian mckellen

By Ellie G After his recent appearance in Mr. Holmes, I was prompted to take a closer look at Ian McKellen over the years. I learnt a lot. Much of his most controversial personal life and rise to fame happened […]

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film studios – a report

There has been a lot of talk of late regarding the quality of films in our cinemas. Especially concerning the film studios that are producing them. In light of this; let’s take a look at some facts and figures. There […]

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kung fury – new review

By Ellie G I sat down on my couch, turned up the speakers and prepared to watch the kickstarter-funded premiere of ‘Kung Fury’ this weekend. I say at home because the 30-minute action-packed film is available to view for free […]

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going clear: documentary discussion

By Ellie G   Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is one of the most discussed films of 2015 and well worth a look. I always knew a little about scientology but had never really looked into it […]

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cinema- an industry in decline

By Ellie G The cinema industry is currently on its knees. Struggling to hold onto what little audience it has left. Streaming services have surged in popularity in recent years offering a short wait for film-viewing in the comfort of […]

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