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Dublin’s Hallowe’en Film Guide

So if you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that Hallowe’en can no longer be contained to the one night, but should indeed be anticipated and celebrated in the weeks leading up to it.    Well, we have good news: A […]

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Highlights: Film Festivals on this Month

Prepare to be spoiled.  This month, there’s over 40 film festivals on across the UK and Ireland. Some big, some small, and quite a few dedicated to the Horror genre (thank you Hallowe’en). I’ve pulled out some highlights, but this […]

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Let’s move to the woods, lads

Following the first of three Presidential debates between Clinton and Trump, as judgement day edges ever closer, who else is feeling like sticking their head in the sand? Observing the election from the outside has been something akin to watching […]

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A Film Guide to Culture Night Dublin

Anyone else as excited as we are for Culture Night this Friday? Culture Night is all about expanding your horizons to the various arts scenes within your community and embracing your heritage. Which we are all for, but if you’re […]

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5 brill film festivals on this month

It’s that time again where we have a look at some of the best and most interesting film festivals on this month across the UK and Ireland, so you don’t have to. (Though there’s a tonne on this month, so we still […]

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Fantastic irish films you may have forgotten about

Okay, so it’s been said time and time again this year, and I’m just gonna say it again for the hell of it: Irish film is in a boom period. In the last ten years, we’ve seen international stars made […]

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Some brilliant film festivals and events on this month…

We may be halfway through August, but we have plenty of suggestions to keep you occupied for the remainder of your summer!  We hope you love film festivals and unique and fun film experiences as much as we do. And well, […]

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DC really need to work on finding their voice and stick with it

*Warning: Spoilers for Suicide Squad and The Killing Joke ahead So by now, unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably either heard all the bad reviews for Suicide Squad, or you’ve seen it and drawn your own conclusions. I’m […]

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Anybody else getting Lars von Trier withdrawal symptoms?

Surely I can’t be the only one… Lars von Trier has treated us with some interesting cinema over the last few years. He horrified us with that scene from Antichrist , delved into an unspeakable and somehow fantastical realism with […]

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