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tbt – limitless

limitless TV

by Victoria H What if I told you one pill could make you into a genius? You’d be tempted wouldn’t you? This simple but intriguing premise is the foundation for the film Limitless. Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper), succumbs to this […]

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tbt – the shawshank redemption

the shawshank redemption

by Victoria H Although The Shawshank Redemption often tops many ‘must-watch films’ lists, when it was first released twenty years ago the film was a flop. Critics had mixed opinions of the film, and the box office revenue fell millions […]

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tbt – fight club

by Victoria H Fight Club seems like a self-explanatory movie, there’s a club and people fight. Yet there’s more to this film than you’d expect. In fact, there’s a point in the film where the entire reality the film operates […]

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tbt – the impossible

By Victoria H Not only is The Impossible the incredible true story of a family in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Thailand, but the film itself is a display of some great acting talent. In fact this film is […]

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tbt – jurassic park

By Victoria H With the continuation of the Jurassic Park franchise in the upcoming Jurassic World film, my inner child is jumping with excitement. For many this addition to the Jurassic Park world is welcomed. The original film was more […]

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there can only be one bond

by John K It seems inevitable in action franchises. The tent pole star has gone off to greener pastures and they have to be replaced, but how to do it? How to replace a great action star is a question […]

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tbt – v for vendetta

By Victoria H Remember, remember the fifth of November…and so begins V for Vendetta a film, based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel of the same name. This film polarised critics, fans, and the original novel’s fans alike. The principal resonance […]

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socially powering the stars

by John K Its kind of shocking to think how new all social media is and how quickly it has been adopted by the masses. It’s powerful tool for marketers, news and most of all gossip. We spread rumours and […]

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princess for a new generation

by John K Disney’s new Cinderella is by all accounts a smashing success. Over 300 million in the box office and no one is talking about it in the same tone of complete and utter confusion as last years Maleficent. […]

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tbt – lost in translation

by Victoria H Loneliness affects us all at some point, but it is the feeling of disconnection that can really hurt. The way you can be in a room full of people but still be utterly alone. Welcome to Lost […]

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