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#tbt review – the trip

by Cormac O Tuesday was the 90th birthday of indie film messiah, Roger Corman a.k.a “The Pope of Pop Cinema”. Corman wasn’t a perfectionist, but a filmmaker, who knew how to work with the bare minimum. As a producer his […]

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#tbt review – hook (1991)

by Eoin G For Throwback Thursday thought I’d do an old school review of the 90’s fantasy epic “Hook”. While labelled as a children’s film it really caters to a universal audience returning back to the wonder and excitement of […]

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incoherent entertainment – batman v superman: dawn of justice review

by Cormac O What a mess. What an incoherent display of storytelling and character development. Too long, too loud, too visual. All these criticisms of Zack Snyder’s mind-blowing (good or bad), superhero epic Batman v Superman are correct. However, all these critiques […]

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classic review – the long good friday

by Cormac O It’s Good Friday, the Christian religious holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Christ. In secular terms it’s a day that leant its name to one of the greatest British films ever made, The Long Good Friday. American is the home […]

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sing street review

by Eoin G For weeks I had been waiting in anticipation for the release of John Carney’s “Sing Street”.  It struck me as something special with an aura of Roddy Doyle’s “The Commitments” with a nod to Maria Doyle Kennedy […]

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a decadent jungle – wolf of wall street review

by Cormac O After witnessing Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street, you’ll need to pop a Valium to wind down from it’s elevated portrayal of mass excess. A Scorsese picture can be recognised by many factors and one of these […]

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get down off your high broom – the witch review

by Cormac O British folk horror packs its bags and sets sails to the New World. A Puritan family living in a New England community are excommunicated when the father, William (Ralph Ineson. Yes. That’s Chris Finch from the UK […]

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oh the mundanity! – time out of mind review

by Cormac O “All the animals come out at night” – Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver ; ’76) Similar, in some ways, to Martin Scorsese’s gritty and grainy opus, Taxi Driver, Time Out of Mind paints a grimy portrayal of New York street life. […]

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now is the animation of our discontent – anomalisa review

by Cormac O Throw in to the cauldron some Lost In Translation and Up In The Air, with a dash of high-brow Team America and you’ve got Charlie Kaufman’s intriguing stop-motion animated Anomalisa, a film about isolation and constant discontent. Kaufman is the […]

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coen clips – hail, caesar! review

by Cormac O The Coen Brothers have proved to be two of the most idiosyncratic and consistent filmmakers of the past thirty years. Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Fargo, Miller’s Crossing. . .  I could go on for days. Violence, ransoms, briefcases of money, […]

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