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the grand guignol of the west – bone tomahawk review

by Cormac O Somewhere in between The Searchers and Cannibal Holocaust lies the brutal, genre-dissolving Bone Tomahawk, an audacious directorial debut from S. Craig Zahler. Bone Tomahawk doesn’t politely invite you back to the old west, it grabs you by […]

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anti v day – my bloody valentine review

by Cormac O If your Valentines Day consists of gnashing away on chocolate hearts from your mom and having a quiet sob in the tub like mine does, take a deep breath and relax…usheru has a remedy that will help […]

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spotlight review

by Cormac O There’s been overwhelming praise for Tom McCarthy’s scandal-drama Spotlight, which is a strong contender for Best Picture at the Oscars and overall, many have claimed it to be one of the best films of 2015. The Academy […]

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girl still on fire – hunger games film review

hunger games film

by Victoria H For the third weekend in a row, the final Hunger Games film, Mockingjay Part 2 – has dominated the box office. Yet the film remains a bit of a disappointment as its box office revenues are still […]

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a film with class – my beautiful launderette

by Giulia S The modest beginnings of My Beautiful Launderette would not have typically led to the triumphant success of a film that is now regarded as one of Britain’s finest. Originally intended for TV, My Beautiful Launderette was screened […]

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tbt – home alone

home alone

by Victoria H December means a lot of things for many people, but for me it signals that it is time for Christmas films. And one of the classics that must be re-visited every year is Home Alone. What child […]

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a war of words – bridge of spies review

by Cormac O You can never underestimate Spielberg. Yes, his films are always family friendly, safe, often mawkish, but that’s his moxie and he’s the best to ever do it. He know’s how to orchestrate an audience, mess with their […]

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tbt – the artist

the artist

by Victoria H Silence is not often the word that comes to mind when you think of films and the cinema. It’s been over eighty years since silent films dominated Hollywood. So four years ago when The Artist was released, […]

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gift of the gab – steve jobs| review

by Cormac O   In regards to the biopic film, Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs| is a breath of fresh air, albeit a breath that their actors seldom get in this backstage linguistic battle royale. Their portrayal of […]

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the woods are lovely, dark & deep – the hallow review

by Cormac O Me folking nerves! The woods are lovely, dark and deep in Corin Hardy’s multi sub-genre horror The Hallow. The film tries to be so many things and even though it doesn’t transcend the genre on a universal […]

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