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Let’s move to the woods, lads

Following the first of three Presidential debates between Clinton and Trump, as judgement day edges ever closer, who else is feeling like sticking their head in the sand? Observing the election from the outside has been something akin to watching […]

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A Film Guide to Culture Night Dublin

Anyone else as excited as we are for Culture Night this Friday? Culture Night is all about expanding your horizons to the various arts scenes within your community and embracing your heritage. Which we are all for, but if you’re […]

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Fantastic irish films you may have forgotten about

Okay, so it’s been said time and time again this year, and I’m just gonna say it again for the hell of it: Irish film is in a boom period. In the last ten years, we’ve seen international stars made […]

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Some brilliant film festivals and events on this month…

We may be halfway through August, but we have plenty of suggestions to keep you occupied for the remainder of your summer!  We hope you love film festivals and unique and fun film experiences as much as we do. And well, […]

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Top 5 movie remakes

In an age where Hollywood is saturated with remakes, reboots and really recycable mundanity, anger and frustration can sometimes blind us from the fact that there are some great remakes. A few that even surpass their originals. The problem with […]

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speakin’ of hip-hop…

  Let’s talk about Straight Outta Compton, 2015. Don’t think this film is just another biopic about music, this is a film that has an great soundtrack, amazing acting from people such as Ice Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr, playing […]

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What Childhood dreams are made of…

  The films you watched growing up really say a lot about a person. They stick with you for life and seem to hold some kind of homeliness about them. Whenever somebody mentions them you feel like they are talking […]

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Steven Spielberg: The Universal Wunderkind

    Steven Spielberg. A household name. A brand. He has achieved more universal success than any other filmmaker in the history on cinema. But how did he become Hollywood’s wunderkind? How did Jaws, despite its nightmare shoot, become such an overwheling success that […]

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E.T and the rest of 1982…

1982 What was the deal with 1982? Were you alive? Were you rocking out to the sweet sounds of punk, dying and styling your hair to every trend that it started to fall out? It was the year of one […]

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A Slim Fairytale: Tale of Tales review

   Matteo Garrone’s Tale of Tales is certainly easy on the eye. A lavish landscape for the bizarre surrealism of Giambattista Basile’s gruesome fairytales that even predate the Brothers Grimm. The film is loosely based on three of the Neapolitan […]

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