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Top 5 Animated Films of the last 10 Years

These lists suck. Mainly because there‚Äôs so much you want to include and there are so many obvious nods that usually they become redundant. This happens through casting a net so wide that the obvious choices take over and sometimes […]

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Some brilliant film festivals and events on this month…

We may be halfway through August, but we have plenty of suggestions to keep you occupied for the remainder of your summer!  We hope you love film festivals and unique and fun film experiences as much as we do. And well, […]

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Five Essential Animatronic Movies

Steven Spielberg’s back-of-the-net, trajillion dollar, blockbusting bastard of a movie,  Jurassic Park tramples into Fitzwilliam Square this coming Saturday for another Open Air Cinema brought to you by the good people of Happenings. I remember going to see Spielberg’s modern prehistoric […]

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