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What Successful Cinemas are Doing Right

Cinema attendance levels may be flattening out in the United States and Europe, but innovative cinema chains are developing methods to keep revenue growing. Unfortunately, in today’s era, simply screening the latest blockbuster is no longer a reliant way to […]

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Films for Daddio Day

By Ellis M We are fast approaching Father’s Day and if you’re like any of us in the office then you’re scouring Amazon electronics deals, sorting through experience days, taking a moment to check your bank account, re-evaluating your life […]

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usheru’s best loved drug scenes

by Ellis M So, yes, we do have some scenes from drug related films but how can you blame us really? Of course, Pulp Fiction is in here, pretty much every filmed moment of Pulp Fiction has been featured in […]

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usheru’s best loved supporting roles

by Ellis M This is an usheru list of best loved supporting roles. A list of the characters that bring a film together (sometimes) without us realising. If you took them out of the film there may, or may not, […]

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cinema of the week – barbican centre

by Ellis M The Barbican Centre was designed as part of a utopian vision to transform an area of London destroyed by the Blitz. A Grade II listed building; the Barbican took over a decade to build and was opened […]

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cinema of the week – rich mix, bethnal green

by Ellis M Rich Mix is a cultural charity that brings cinema, performing arts and music to the East of London and is supported by Arts Council England. I stumbled across a beautiful exhibition as part of the AWAN Festival […]

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cinema of the week – rio cinema, dalston

by Ellis Martin A plush, Art Deco cinema theatre sitting on the end-corner of Dalston, Hackney high street and doesn’t it know it! The Rio has just one theatre and oooh isn’t it nice! Established as a picture house in 1909 […]

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film studios – a report

There has been a lot of talk of late regarding the quality of films in our cinemas. Especially concerning the film studios that are producing them. In light of this; let’s take a look at some facts and figures. There […]

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there can only be one bond

by John K It seems inevitable in action franchises. The tent pole star has gone off to greener pastures and they have to be replaced, but how to do it? How to replace a great action star is a question […]

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socially powering the stars

by John K Its kind of shocking to think how new all social media is and how quickly it has been adopted by the masses. It’s powerful tool for marketers, news and most of all gossip. We spread rumours and […]

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