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Films for Daddio Day

By Ellis M We are fast approaching Father’s Day and if you’re like any of us in the office then you’re scouring Amazon electronics deals, sorting through experience days, taking a moment to check your bank account, re-evaluating your life […]

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usheru’s best loved drug scenes

by Ellis M So, yes, we do have some scenes from drug related films but how can you blame us really? Of course, Pulp Fiction is in here, pretty much every filmed moment of Pulp Fiction has been featured in […]

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usheru’s best loved supporting roles

by Ellis M This is an usheru list of best loved supporting roles. A list of the characters that bring a film together (sometimes) without us realising. If you took them out of the film there may, or may not, […]

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#tbt review – mean streets (1973)

by Cormac O On the surface, Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets is a crime film about New York hoods. But at its core, it’s so much more than that. It’s heaven and hell, good and evil, sin and redemption. Mean Streets is Scorsese’s first big […]

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usheru’s best loved swimming pool scenes

Swimming pools! We know them as the place you learnt to swim, or nearly drowned. A place to be free and pee, a place you can have lots of fun whilst burning calories and a place to get plummeted by […]

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usheru’s best loved character costumes/wardrobe moments

by Ellis M Not just your average best costumes or best wardrobe, we have put together several of our favourite moments in film where wardrobe suddenly changed, or wardrobe became different or unexpected. The wardrobe moments that do not get […]

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usheru’s best loved dinner table scene’s

by Ellis M Dinner scenes can often be an important and core part of a film, it’s a chance for the film or the hero or heroine to tell their story or be sad, emotional and unwrap the moral of […]

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Ridiculously, ridiculous and kinda perfect horror movie slogans and their posters.

After we searched our brains trying to match tagline-with-movie in the post a couple before, we came across some of the best and funniest ‘what was you thinking’ taglines in old horror movies and thought it’s something essential you hard-to-impress […]

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think you know film – 20 great movie taglines

by Ellis M It’s hard enough to make a film, fund a film, direct, write and even watch (certain) films, let alone create one of the most important sentences that could potentially be said for years to come by teenagers […]

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top 5 rebellion films (fiction)

by Cormac O In light of The 1916 Rising Centenary I began thinking about rebellions and their depictions in cinema. The difficulty with portraying historical events on the big screen is that film in one way or another becomes limited. […]

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