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5 horror films not on your halloween top 5.

by Cormac O Movie lists are fun, but tricky. The seasons, years and ages pass along with moods and opinions. It’s a manic affair. When it comes to Halloween favourites, everyone seems to turn to the same essentials more or […]

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tbt – bridget jones diary

bridget jones diary

by Victoria H. It’s hard to believe that it has been 14 years since Bridget Jones forgot her skirt, or vowed to lose weight. Bridget’s misadventures and honest commentary related to women the world over when the film was released […]

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tbt – back to the future II

back to the future trilogy

by Victoria H Yesterday October 21, 2015, wasn’t just any old day. It was the day in the future that Marty and Doc travel to in the second film in the Back to the Future trilogy. In the film they […]

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the horror… the horror – sicario review

by Cormac O The genuinely horrifying world of Mexico’s drug cartels has crept into popular culture over the past several years or so. The phenomenon of Breaking Bad had streamers glued to their laptops, binge watching the exploits of a good man, […]

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tbt – the shawshank redemption

the shawshank redemption

by Victoria H Although The Shawshank Redemption often tops many ‘must-watch films’ lists, when it was first released twenty years ago the film was a flop. Critics had mixed opinions of the film, and the box office revenue fell millions […]

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the bond complex

by Cormac O Ian Fleming’s British secret service agent is trending all over Twitter this week in an on-going debate. It appears that the 007  character is up for grabs and everybody is weighing in. The debate has escalated dramatically since James […]

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dirty dancing – a feminist lift

by Cormac O Dirty Dancing is pushing its 30th anniversary, a movie that has held a strong following for decades besides the fact it was critically slaughtered upon its release in 1987. I suppose it could be labelled a cult classic, […]

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top five gangster movies since the godfather

by Cormac O Before we begin this list we must lay down some certain ground rules needed to determine a gangster flick. The gangster film lies in a grey area within the crime genre. For example, Pulp Fiction is one of the […]

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5 movie couples we wish were true!

1. Allie & Noah – The Notebook If there’s one couple to start off the list, it’s Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) and Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) from 2004’s “The Notebook”. Whilst the acting from Gosling and McAdams is sublime, the […]

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usheru’s top five cult musicals

by Cormac O   5) Performance  (1970, Roeg) As the sixties came to a close, so did the Hippy era of “peace and love”. The aftermath of the Manson Murders and Altamont left a bitter taste in the mouth of the […]

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