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future classics of our generation

By Ellie G What makes a film a classic? Well, most would say a classic is cross-generational and timeless. It offers something new and exciting. It’s cinematography is awe-inspiring. It has unique ways of exploring and blending themes. And most […]

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why london film schools rock

By Ryan F Is film school worth the greenbacks? Is London the best place to study film in the UK? Is it the best in Europe? Debates rage about which school is best and why. Get off the fence, we […]

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which superhero are you?

  Take the quiz and see! To keep up to date with all your favourite superhero movies in a cinema near you, check our usheru and download the app here

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mighty oaks from little acorns grow – film school’s of london alumni

As the summer winds down and the dreaded waft of academia seeps through the air, coursing its way through your veins, we await yet another school year. However, our love of cinema remains immune to this atrocity as we welcome […]

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tbt – fight club

by Victoria H Fight Club seems like a self-explanatory movie, there’s a club and people fight. Yet there’s more to this film than you’d expect. In fact, there’s a point in the film where the entire reality the film operates […]

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a blast from the past: back to the future (the 30 year anniversary)

By Ryan F When screenwriter Bob Gale wrote “Back to the Future” 3 decades ago, he and director Robert Zemeckis were told “time travel movies won’t make you any money”.  Well, looking back to the past, if only Bob Gale […]

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amy winehouse – tragic heroines for this generation

Watching the recent documentary film about Amy Winehouse caused me to reflect back on other female singers whose stories had a similar impact on me when translated to the big screen. A few that sprung to my mind and have […]

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movie images that warped me as a child

Cinema has the ability to have a profound affect on us. Physically and emotionally we’ve all taken a pounding from the silver screen at one stage or another. Cinema evokes something inside of us, mainly due to the process of […]

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