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E.T and the rest of 1982…

1982 What was the deal with 1982? Were you alive? Were you rocking out to the sweet sounds of punk, dying and styling your hair to every trend that it started to fall out? It was the year of one […]

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Films for Daddio Day

By Ellis M We are fast approaching Father’s Day and if you’re like any of us in the office then you’re scouring Amazon electronics deals, sorting through experience days, taking a moment to check your bank account, re-evaluating your life […]

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#tbt review – mean streets (1973)

by Cormac O On the surface, Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets is a crime film about New York hoods. But at its core, it’s so much more than that. It’s heaven and hell, good and evil, sin and redemption. Mean Streets is Scorsese’s first big […]

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#tbt review – before midnight

by Cormac O   I have never seen Richard Linklater’s first two installments of his romantic trilogy. Even though I admire the director’s other work, particularly the cult, coming of age Dazed and Confused (1993), it seemed a tall order […]

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#tbt review – the trip

by Cormac O Tuesday was the 90th birthday of indie film messiah, Roger Corman a.k.a “The Pope of Pop Cinema”. Corman wasn’t a perfectionist, but a filmmaker, who knew how to work with the bare minimum. As a producer his […]

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Ridiculously, ridiculous and kinda perfect horror movie slogans and their posters.

After we searched our brains trying to match tagline-with-movie in the post a couple before, we came across some of the best and funniest ‘what was you thinking’ taglines in old horror movies and thought it’s something essential you hard-to-impress […]

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a blast from the past: back to the future (the 30 year anniversary)

By Ryan F When screenwriter Bob Gale wrote “Back to the Future” 3 decades ago, he and director Robert Zemeckis were told “time travel movies won’t make you any money”.  Well, looking back to the past, if only Bob Gale […]

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