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top 5 movie deaths

by Eoin G   No 1: Jaws (1975) “Chrissies Final Swim”  Director- Steven Spielberg When Steven Spielberg’s Jaws opened in theatres in the summer of 1975. The young director had no idea that it would become the quintessential summer movie, […]

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top 5 rebellion films (fiction)

by Cormac O In light of The 1916 Rising Centenary I began thinking about rebellions and their depictions in cinema. The difficulty with portraying historical events on the big screen is that film in one way or another becomes limited. […]

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usheru’s top 5 films of 2015

by Cormac O   5) While We’re Young   In the tradition of the New York Bohemian style of Woody Allen and Paul Mazursky, Noah Baumbach has kept the intellectual comedy torch a flame with films like Greenberg, Frances, Ha […]

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5 horror films not on your halloween top 5.

by Cormac O Movie lists are fun, but tricky. The seasons, years and ages pass along with moods and opinions. It’s a manic affair. When it comes to Halloween favourites, everyone seems to turn to the same essentials more or […]

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top five gangster movies since the godfather

by Cormac O Before we begin this list we must lay down some certain ground rules needed to determine a gangster flick. The gangster film lies in a grey area within the crime genre. For example, Pulp Fiction is one of the […]

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usheru’s top five cult musicals

by Cormac O   5) Performance  (1970, Roeg) As the sixties came to a close, so did the Hippy era of “peace and love”. The aftermath of the Manson Murders and Altamont left a bitter taste in the mouth of the […]

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top 5 sporting movies of all time!

By Ryan F Following off the back of one of the most anticipated releases of the year, Southpaw, we figured it would be appropriate to do a round up of some of our favourite classic sports movies.  Spanning over five […]

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top 5 most interesting london pop-up outdoor cinemas

by C Downes The heatwaves are coming and going, but there’s no denying it’s still warm out there! Warm enough to grab a gang of friends and savour the experience of outdoor cinema. The sun is glistening (sometimes!) off wine […]

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