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incoherent entertainment – batman v superman: dawn of justice review

by Cormac O What a mess. What an incoherent display of storytelling and character development. Too long, too loud, too visual. All these criticisms of Zack Snyder’s mind-blowing (good or bad), superhero epic Batman v Superman are correct. However, all these critiques […]

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bond, james bond – spectre review

bond films

by Victoria H. “Bond, James Bond” is without question one of the most famous lines in popular culture. All over the world people know who James Bond is and what he does. So it is no surprise that there are […]

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tbt – limitless

limitless TV

by Victoria H What if I told you one pill could make you into a genius? You’d be tempted wouldn’t you? This simple but intriguing premise is the foundation for the film Limitless. Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper), succumbs to this […]

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mission impossible: rogue nation – a new review

By Ellie G Yes, another Mission that is deemed impossible and it’s left to the IMF to crack it. Well, sort of. Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation follows it usual plot. Opening up with an epic stunt by the lunatic that is […]

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tbt – jurassic park

By Victoria H With the continuation of the Jurassic Park franchise in the upcoming Jurassic World film, my inner child is jumping with excitement. For many this addition to the Jurassic Park world is welcomed. The original film was more […]

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there can only be one bond

by John K It seems inevitable in action franchises. The tent pole star has gone off to greener pastures and they have to be replaced, but how to do it? How to replace a great action star is a question […]

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tbt – v for vendetta

By Victoria H Remember, remember the fifth of November…and so begins V for Vendetta a film, based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel of the same name. This film polarised critics, fans, and the original novel’s fans alike. The principal resonance […]

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kung fury – new review

By Ellie G I sat down on my couch, turned up the speakers and prepared to watch the kickstarter-funded premiere of ‘Kung Fury’ this weekend. I say at home because the 30-minute action-packed film is available to view for free […]

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’71: an apolitical survival story

by Cormac O Generally within cinema, the portrayal of The Troubles in Northern Ireland have been executed through journalistic or political themes rather than conventional entertainment. They have been thought provoking and frustrating, a Spielberg’s Schindler’s List to his Jaws. […]

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mad max: fury road – a review

by Cormac O A wave of depression came over me this morning, like the moment that follows after sex when you think to yourself “well, now what?” I’ve sobered up from the intoxication of the astounding Mad Max: Fury Road, […]

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