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the 3 b’s: booze, broads & baseball – everybody wants some!! review

by Cormac O   Richard Linklater received the most universal praise of his career with the ambitious Boyhood. A heartwarming tale of motherhood, family dysfunction and the evolution of popular culture in the noughties. And how does Linklater respond to […]

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usheru’s best loved drug scenes

by Ellis M So, yes, we do have some scenes from drug related films but how can you blame us really? Of course, Pulp Fiction is in here, pretty much every filmed moment of Pulp Fiction has been featured in […]

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#tbt review – before midnight

by Cormac O   I have never seen Richard Linklater’s first two installments of his romantic trilogy. Even though I admire the director’s other work, particularly the cult, coming of age Dazed and Confused (1993), it seemed a tall order […]

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coen clips – hail, caesar! review

by Cormac O The Coen Brothers have proved to be two of the most idiosyncratic and consistent filmmakers of the past thirty years. Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Fargo, Miller’s Crossing. . .  I could go on for days. Violence, ransoms, briefcases of money, […]

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tbt – bridget jones diary

bridget jones diary

by Victoria H. It’s hard to believe that it has been 14 years since Bridget Jones forgot her skirt, or vowed to lose weight. Bridget’s misadventures and honest commentary related to women the world over when the film was released […]

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an international, satirical, surreal, comedy sci-fi, romantic-drama, with animals – the lobster review

by Cormac O Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Lobster can be perceived to be any number of things – surreal comedy,  dystopian sci-fi, romance, drama, prison thriller – and all these genres it may be, but these are just the surface stylings […]

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tbt – fargo


by Victoria H You cannot help but feel cold when you watch Fargo. It is not only the beautiful shots of the barren winter North Dakota landscape that brings the chill. Rather it is the engaging story that the Coen […]

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listen up philip – the three spirits sat this one out

Philip (Jason Schwartzman) scorches the earth with narcissistic prowess, a fusion of Dickens and Baumbach, like a hipster Scrooge with insecure braggadocio foaming out the mouth. He acts neurotic, but he’s self conscious about it. Much like writer/director Alex Ross […]

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kung fury – new review

By Ellie G I sat down on my couch, turned up the speakers and prepared to watch the kickstarter-funded premiere of ‘Kung Fury’ this weekend. I say at home because the 30-minute action-packed film is available to view for free […]

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pitch perfect 2 : new review

By Ellie G Do you hate those people who come out of the cinema and it has suddenly has transformed their personality? Suddenly everything is an inside joke or a reference to the film they just watched. Well try not […]

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